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MemBrain: Experience Quality Education With Superior Results.

1. Train the brain to retain & recall.

2. Tricks to retain & recall many words within seconds.

3. Tricks to retain & recall numbers within seconds.

4. To learn a chapter or a list.

5. A set of 24 classes.

6. Course for 6 months, 4 classes/month, 2 hrs./class.


Maths Fusion

Jigsaw presents MATHS FUSION programme  for faster speed, sharper accuracy & boosted confidence.

A perfect blend of Abacus Techniques & Vedic Maths.

1. Cover maths N.C.E.R.T. syllabus in combination with Abacus & Vedic Maths.

2. Unique mode of teaching maths.

3. Smart way to solve difficult maths problems.

4. Saves time in exam and ensures scoring good marks.

5. Higher speed & sharper accuracy.

For Class Ist to Xth

Jigsaw Wizard 2010

Jigsaw Wizard 2010

A Mathematical Contest

3rd National Level Competition

Jigsaw Wizard 2010, an effort to know the strengths & weaknesses of the child which helps him to give a right direction & achieve success in career.

Jigsaw has taken first step. Come and step ahead to analyze the child’s knowledge in mathemetical skills & mental abilities and win exciting prizes.

India has been a land of mathematician’s like Aryabhata, Ramanujan, Brahma Gupta, more lately Shakuntla Devi and many more. India’s contribution to the development of Mathematics is well known to the world from the invention of zero to more complex theorems. JIGSAW WIZARD is an initiative by the Jigsaw Edu Solutions Private Limited to judge the various analytical and mathematical skills of a child. Jigsaw Wizard 2010 gives a chance to meritorious students from class II to class X to win scholarships worth 25 Lakhs.

Most important part of Jigsaw Wizard 2010 is to judge the various mathematical skills of a child i.e. Speed, Logical thinking etc. which helps the child and the parents to judge his strengths and weaknesses (SWOT Analysis).

This Unique exam will give the parents, student academies and the schools to judge the performance of their wards at the state level and also at the national level. Jigsaw Wizard will provide a performance analysis for every child.
Jigsaw is confident that all the educational institutes and parents will join hands to make this unique concept a big success.

Although the main emphasis of these awards is the analysis of the mathematical skills of children but still we look at awarding the children for their Hard work and efforts. Participate in this unique JIGSAW WIZARD 2010 contest and you stand a chance to win hundreds of scholarships, not just one or two. Students from class 2 to 10 will receive various prizes at zonal level and national level. Apart from the main prizes there are various consolation prizes to be won.

Prizes at Zonal Level for four zones:-
Jigsaw will distribute prizes worth ` 8,00,000 for all the four zones i.e ` 2,00,000/- in one zone. Jigsaw will distribute same prizes at all four zones.