JIGSAW ABACUS WIZKID is a programme run by Jigsaw Edu Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

JIGSAW means a ‘Puzzle’ which can be solved by placing the right parts at appropriate place

ABACUS a magical brain tool.

WIZKID a ‘Brilliant Child ‘.


It’s a scientifically structured programme, which focuses on the overall development of the brain. A prime key point of this programme is that the child learns everything in a burden free and child friendly environment.
It’s basically designed for the children who are in the age group of “4-14 years” as the development of the brain is at peak during this growing age. The development and growth of brain nerve tissues begin at the age of 4-6 yrs & it slows down after the age of 14 yrs. 75% of the brain develops during the age of 4-14 yrs. So the best learning time is before the age of 15 years. Initially, we teach our students “how to make calculations using Abacus”. But later on the abacus is withdrawn and they use only the image of abacus built-in their minds. From the very first day we start with
the visualization technique that increases the memory and grasping power of the child.

Jigsaw Abacus Wizkid
Energises – Increases

Imaginative Power – Concentration

Listening Ability – Confidence

Visualization power – Speed & Accuracy

Memory (Retention & Recall) – Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Creativity – Self-reliance

Jigsaw ‘Magic Brain’ Tool helps
«Child to be a wizard in all mental arithmetic calculations including complex addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and square roots.
« Child to develop with unique arithmetical thinking and analyzing skills. With these life long skills, child will be free of the tyranny of memorizing tables and of being a slave to electronic calculators and computers.
« To uncap child’s hidden potentials.
« To build up child’s 3C’s – Creativity, Confidence and Concentration.
« No fear of Mathematics forever.
« Child will be usefully occupied at a fun-filled, but a gainful hobby class.

You can contact JIGSAW at http://www.jigsawabacus.com