English has become a world language, spoken by at least 750 million people. It is more widely spoken and written than any other language. It can, indeed, be said to be the first truly global language. English is nowadays the dominant or official language in over 60 countries.

The language has penetrated deeply in the society, which has, in its turn, resulted in several varieties of English in India. The development of those new varieties is connected with historical and social factors.

Welcome to the “Speak for Success Communication” course. This speech lesson, like all the speech lessons in the course, follows a format that explains the speech problem and presents several speech exercises so you can work on the problem. Each speech lesson closes with a homework assignment designed to provide further practice eliminating or correcting the speech problem that you’re working with that particular week. To get the most out of this course, you need to follow the program, working on only one lesson each week and completing all the exercises and homework assignments.

Language learning success is associated with a range of factors, including age, motivation, intelligence, anxiety, learning strategies, and language learning styles.

Ready? Of course you are!


Communication is less than 30% by what and how you talk!!! The rest is positive body language and good listening skills.

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